Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie NSV...

My daughter was tickled pink with the puppy. And the puppy was thrilled with her new Mommy too. The wee one got a lot of lovin'.
And helped Mommy play cards.
Had a great visit even though it was short. They are leaving early in the morning to head back home.

We went to a movie tonight and I didn't even eat one kernel of pop corn. It smelled sooooo goooood.

Didn't do too badly on "the" big meal, but enjoyed a little of everything. Now I've got to buckle down and get this last 30 pounds off. I may be ready to get back with it. Think I'll sleep on that thought.


grammy said...

Puppy is so cute. Daughter looks so happy. How fun to get to give a gift like that. I am doing so so bad. Let me repeat, bad at eating right. Ever since company and turkey day it has been one eat out event after another. I need to get a grip (o: Glad you are doing so well.

cara said...

Awwww. Hey, that's my sissy! :)

I'll bet you're so glad to have the puppy finally revealed! Now puppy can go home to mommy. I'm so glad they got along so well. I'll bet she was so shocked!

Fatinah said...

well, that is a HUGE NSV for sure - at least it would be for me.....popcorn at the movies is like a drug to me! I'm very, very impressed.

Meanwhile, that puppy! OMG!! Way too cute!

MaryFran said...

The pup is absolutely adorable!!!

WOOO HOOO on the popcorn NSV!!!!!