Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Recap...

WooHoo!!! I just HAD to step on the scales this morning to see what damage I did to myself the past couple of days. I stayed the same! Whew!! Because I just had to have a piece of cake Friday and another one last night. But never fear I sent MOST of the rest of it home with the kids and the rest (that wouldn't fit in the containers I had) is in a pan right now with other garbage being dumped on top of it. So no more cake for me. We even went out to eat last night before the movie and I couldn't resist the homemade "pot bread." This place uses little souffle dishes to bake their bread in. It is sooooo wonderful. Normally when I go there I ask them not to bring the bread but since it was more than just me I didn't want to do that to the others and I also just can NOT have it on the table without eating some. But on that I really didn't over do it.

The movie we went to see was the new James Bond flick. It was so good that about a half hour into it I fell asleep and woke up when the credits rolled. They told me I didn't miss much because it was very confusing. How's that for an expensive nap?

I'm a bit on the nervous side right now because we were having a freezing rain when the kids left this morning. They called me when they got over the first set of mountains and to the interstate and I checked the weather for them and looks like they will just have rain for the remainder of their trip. They promised to call me periodically to let me know they were safe and they always call when they get home.

So my home is back to normal. My dogs are still a little on the skittish side. They aren't sure the puppy is gone as of yet but it won't take them long to get back into the swing of things.

Oh, I watched a great movie this morning. It was called "Freedom Writers" and it is a true story about a teachr (I tend to watch all the teacher movies out there) and it was a really great one.

Gonna go now and check on what's going on in your lives. Sorry, I didn't have time last night to do that, but I've got plenty of time now.


--cara said...

Congrats on breaking even! Even after the endulgences. N went to go see that movie too (we're big Bond fans!) & she said it was a dud, too.

JC said...

I was just thinking of you on top of that mountain with bad weather coming through. Snow may reach as far as Alabama.

Glad you had a great holiday. Congrats on staying the same and enjoying some treats.

The puppy is precious, so cute. I was hoping you would let us in on what was important enough for the lengthy trip.

grammy said...

Glad you had a great weekend. Good job on eating. I have done well at home, but we keep eating out...long story. The scale has been good to me though.

MaryFran said...

I think this post shows exactly how this new lifestyle is done. You allowed yourself to have a little of the good stuff. You enjoyed...but you managed how much of it you ate! GREAT GREAT GREAT job!