Monday, April 14, 2008


Thank goodness it's Monday. Yeah, I'm not like most people that look forward to Fridays. Fridays mean that a weekend is approaching and unlike most of you I hate weekends. All of my family and friends have families to have fun with and I'm alone and it sure gets boring. So I'm glad Monday is here. I was so bored that I almost posted on this site multiple times on Saturday AND Sunday, but I refrained.

Wanted to give you an update on the Bran muffin recipe I posted earlier. I made the whole batch and after they cooled I froze them. Took one out of the freezer Sat. and Sun. and just popped them in the microwave on defrost for 30 seconds and they were just like coming out of the over. So give them a try. I don't have much of a sweet tooth (salty is my nemesis) but they do satisfy the sweet tooth and stick with you for a couple of hours and are much better for you than a Snickers for that stick-aroundedness.

This weather is depressing. It was 72 on Friday and it is snowing/sleeting today. I haven't gotten into an exercise regiment yet and I'm hoping that when the weather breaks I can get outside and do something. I hate to sweat. I used to say that I was allergic to it and low and behold one summer a couple of years ago every time I did something strenuous enough to sweat a lot I broke out in a horrible rash where ever the sweat was. So I've sorta put exercise by the wayside for a while because I hate to itch. I've tried a couple of dance videos and I get so tickled at myself trying to do all those moves at the fast pace they do on the videos that I kinda got sidetracked and quit. Been reading some other blogs and it seems that the key to a healthy weight loss program is exercise. Since I live on a mountain and there isn't any really flat places to walk and my driveway is REALLY steep I can't even get walking in unless I want to walk around my cabin A LOT and that sure would be boring. Got any suggestions?

Guess I better go eat another chicken salad sandwich...I've only got 16 more to go.


Donna said...
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Donna said...

Yay! Welcome to the blog world. Sometimes I spend way to much time reading people's blogs, but it's nice to have some encouragement. I'm sorry to hear about your husband, but I hope you can still feel beautiful. Just because he can't tell you everyday doesn't mean you aren't as beautiful now as your were then. ;)

cara said...

Your blog is really coming along. I see you have ads and the ticker at the top. Woo hoo!

About the exercise, I have a DVD that I don't use any more that I could send to you if you want it. It's an indoor walking DVD from WW. It has 3 or 4 levels that were great for me when I first started. Started me out slow and then was gradually able to do them all. I'm too far past it now, though, it doesn't work me out at all when i do them now. But that might be an alternative to walking outside, which you obviously can't do.