Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Bit of a Mistake...

Really didn't want to get outside this morning and walk but I've got you girls watching me and don't want to let you down. Since I didn't want to do this I decided to have my coffee before my walk so I would have time to talk myself into it. What a mistake! I should have known! Coffee works like a laxative on me and yes, it did this morning too. Had to cut the walk short by 5 minutes. I won't do that again. But I did work up a little sweat before quiting, just walked a little faster and harder.

I'm getting really tired of singing to myself to keep me going. Sure hope the Zune gets here soon. I went so far as to take the boom box out on the porch so I'd have something to listen to and low and behold I noticed the cabin next to mine (the picture is my cabin) had life stirring around it. It's a hunting/fishing camp and they only come up during those peak season and only on weekends. So I decided not to turn the boom box on and call attention to myself. They are very snooty people and I didn't want to look up to see them standing in the yard laughing or puzzling over what I was doing, so I just sang "Chain Gang." Have no idea why that one popped into my mind, do you?

I am just so excited about all the benefits of exercising. I feel so much better all day. I'd read the experts that said that if you are really tired try a little exercise to energize yourself and didn't believe them. What do the experts know anyway? It works! And I get to log activity points into my WW planner and when I go over my points a little it comes out of my activity points. Yea! But I'm really trying not to do that.

I love to read and get lost in fiction. I used to read 2 a week and got out of the habit for the past 2 years. I'm back at it and really enjoying it immensely. I had started two books last week (one by the bed for night time reading and one by the couch for daytime reading). I finished the day time one yesterday and will probably finish the second one tonight. I don't think I'll do that again because I kept getting the characters mixed up and had to reread a half a page or so to get them straight.

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Cammy said...

Good for pushing yourself, Deborah! Don't be concerned about taking an extra rest day or cutting a session short in these early stages of your exercise program. If your body isn't used to exercising, it may need a little extra special attention so that it doesn't rebel!

I hope your zune gets there soon. If you like poetry, you might try memorizing a poem. Or make up silly "26 reasons to get healthy" and have one for each letter of the alphabet.

I'm a reader, too! Mysteries, mostly. I'm never without a book!