Monday, April 28, 2008

Rainy Day Blues

I'm not walking today. It's pouring the rain down out there and after 4 days straight in the first week my "personal trainers" (Cara and Cammy) tell me that I should start off slow and take a day off here and there. I never thought that I'd be disappointed that I'm not walking today, but I am.

I stupidly stepped on the scales this morning instead of waiting until Wednesday. Since I used to weigh in on Mondays and just changed it for this week I was curious, I must be a cat at heart. It showed me up a pound and a half which is really disheartening BUT I have only used 3 of my flex points and 1.5 of my exercise points this week so I know I've done really good. Guess exercising sometimes puts weight on, I dunno. What I do know is that I FEEL BETTER! I'm not as listless as before and really glad for more energy.

Oh, woe is me. I couldn't help myself. Was getting some yarn out of the plastic bin I keep it in and my supply is dwindling. Got caught up in movies yesterday and that's when I crochet the most. Well, I just had to go online and order more yarn. Then after I clicked "complete order" I remembered some colors that I had planned to order and didn't. Oh, well, will have to wait until next time.

Was going to hit the grocery store today because I'm out of salad stuff, "OH, NO." But I remembered that I have an appointment tomorrow to get the doggies bathed and groomed and no since wasting the gas today since I'll be going right by the grocery store tomorrow anyway. We don't have garbage pick up here on the mountain and I have to take my garbage to the dump myself and I need to do that tomorrow too. I think that's the only reason I need a man around the house, I hate that chore. Well, maybe I could think of few other reasons but none so dire that would make me go out and look for one. I just can't see myself starting the dating scene. ARGH! I'd have to find one on a diet because I WILL NOT CHANGE MY COOKING HABITS for any man. Now, that's a commitment, ain't it?


Cammy said...

Probably just a flukey scale bounce. I wouldn't worry about it. The main thing is that you had an EXCELLENT week nutritionally and physically!

Sorry you couldn't walk today! I'm hopeful you can fit it in tomorrow, if your errands don't take up your day!

Have a marvelous week!

Betsy said...

Hey I saw you left a comment on the site. .. a whole yard of pink flox.. I think Id love it !! :)
Sadly the lilac bush I can barely walk around it without having a sneezing attack but I love learning all the new plants and how to grow things.. Ive never had an interest before.. If its alright Id like to keep up with you. Ill add you to my blog list!! :)