Thursday, April 24, 2008


I started walking today! Now before you say "So What", you have to understand that I've been setting on my big fat fanny for over 30 years. And the only exercise I got was when I went to "Wally World" (Wal-Mart), or a mall. The mall thingy only happens once a year or so (since we don't have one anywhere close to where I live) and "Wally World" only happens once a month or so. I really feel good about myself right about now.

I've been think about it all week and was going to start yesterday but had a sore throat and felt horrible so I used that as an excuse. This morning I hopped (yes hopped) out of bed, peed, started the coffee maker and headed out the door. Since I live on a mountain the only flat place I have to walk is right in front of my cabin, so I decided that boring or not I'd do that. I walked for 15 minutes in all. I even had a pedometer that my health insurance sent me and I stuck it to my waist band and off I went. After 10 minutes I check the pedometer and it registered NOTHING. Guess the fat around my waist was cushioning the durn thing. So I put it in my hand and continued for another 5 minutes. By then I had started sweating and checked the pedometer and it registered 1/4 mile. So I reason that I walked 3/4 mile. After coming in the house and getting my coffee I started figuring out the length of the circuit I walked and it was 250 feet for one lap. So I have to do 22 laps to complete a mile.

I even sang to myself and sometimes to the doggies while I did it. Ureka! I now have an excuse to buy an MP3 player. I just love electronic gadgets and never could find a reason to get one of those. Until it I get one I'll just put my boom box on the porch and go at it.

The doggies were really confused. They kept following me and trying to figure out what on earth I was looking for. And when I sang out loud they'd stop and look at me puzzled wondering what I wanted them to do. I do talk to them a lot since they are the only other living things in the house with me.

After I got in the house and figured that I'd only walked 3/4 mile instead of a mile like I'd hoped I was a little disappointed but in the middle of typing this I went to get myself another glass of water and my legs are a little wobbly. So, maybe 3/4 mile was just fine for the FIRST TIME.



Donna said...

Way to go!!!!!!!!! They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. :) I'm proud of you!!

Cammy said...

Alert the media! Deborah is out and about! LOL Good for you!!!

Er, I forgot to warn you that this is a contagious thing. The more you do, the more you *want* to do. You'll be hiking the mountains before you know it!

(I'm so thrilled for you!!!)