Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Small Accomplishment

I lost a half a pound yesterday. (Mondays are my weigh-in day) I was pretty disappointed since I'd lost 4.5 last week. I was really good and only dipped into my bonus points by 5. Then I got to thinking that the big loss last week was probably why the little loss this week so now I'm happy about it.

To get you up to speed. I do WW on-line instead of going to meetings. Since I'm from a small town whose population is under 300, when I started WW there wasn't a meeting in my town and I had to go to the county seat to join and weigh-in. This was a bummer since the only meeting was Monday evenings at 5:00. I didn't want to eat anything before I went (I'd only have breakfast and lunch) and was pretty hungry once I got through with the meetings. Then to top it off that's the town where I do my grocery shopping so I'd always stop on the way home and pick up what I would need for the next week. By the time I was in the grocery store my stomach would really be kicking up and sometimes I'd get the wrong kind of stuff because of the hunger and cravings. If I tried to grab a bite of something before the shopping I'd invariably eat the wrong things and then feel guilty. I was so committed to do this that I just decided going to a meeting was just too frustrating for me and the leader wasn't that much of a help anyway. So I switched over to the on-line WW. Bought myself a digital scale and all.

This really works for me. I have to face the computer on Monday mornings now instead of a person to weigh me in and to me they are just the same. And it's much cheaper. Remember, I have gone through this before with WW in the late 60's and have heard most of the rah..rah speeches before. I rely on Cara for my interesting tips which she provides regularly for me (see her latest blog on "Red light-Green light"). My leader didn't have a bunch of little tips just lectures. Cara says she couldn't do it without being accountable to someone on weigh-in days. Maybe it's my age or stick-to-itiveness that keeps me on the straight and narrow. My mind is in the right place this time.

Everyone was telling me in the beginning to set little goals for myself like treating myself to something special when I reached a certain weight. I did that and was looking forward to a new style of clothes (that I couldn't wear as a fatty) or a little trip to somewhere special then I saw a commercial for the new Snickers Dark Chocolate. Snickers are my all time favorite candy bar and dark chocolate is just awesome so I set that as my 200 lb goal. I bought it a couple of weeks before I was down to 200. It haunted me! When the day came that I was 200 exactly I picked up the Snickers and looked at it for a long time. Then I checked the label and found that it wasn't that much in points, only a meal's worth. I think I even talked to it a little and then put it away and eventually gave it away. I decided that it just wasn't worth it! Aren't you proud of me? My mind really is in the right place. I'm not much of a sweets eater. Oh, I enjoy them once in a while and while on the easy trail of weight gain I had sweets on a regular basis but didn't crave them like some do. I do enjoy chocolate and dark chocolate especially so I bought myself a bag of dark chocolate kisses and figured the points and found that I could have 3 for only one point. Now some of you would say that they couldn't eat just 3 and in my earlier days I probably couldn't either but now if I want a little chocolate I know I can have it and I usually space them over a day's time. ARGH, have you seen those Warm Delights commercials? They make you feel like if you don't have one your aren't a woman. That they are the most wonderful thing to make you beautiful and so good for you in every way. They used to haunt me too but now they just turn my stomach. Some people complain about all the weight loss commercials on television and they are stupid and most misleading but at least in that time slot they aren't advertising all the decadent food that is sooooooo bad for us, so they don't bother me anymore.

Oops, time for another chicken salad sandwich, bet you wish I'd run out don't you.


Donna said...

Nice! Way to put down the snickers bar. I try to reward myself with Non-Food rewards... but it's hard because I tend to just give myself the non-food rewards even if I don't deserve it yet. I have very little self-discipline. Good for you though :)

->cara said...

First of all, congrats on losing the half pound!!!

Second, about the WW meetings, yea, my leader isn't much help either. It's a guy, to begin with, that should say enough right there! He is very obsessive and BY THE LETTER, which is absolutely no help for an emotional eater. But I couldn't do it without him. He's my accountability. I have to report to him so I am good throughout the week.

Third, isn't it funny how good dark chocolate makes you feel. I know it's healthy for you and everything, but when I put one of those dark chocolate kisses in my mouth, it's like the world just melts away and all is right again.

As for the rewards, I gotta start thinking about non-food items. I'm going to go get some HOT Krispy Kreme's next weekend because I hit my 75 pounds last weekend. So I'll have to give that one some thought for my 100 pound reward.

Oh, my gosh, not another chicken salad sandwich!!!