Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Errands, Whew....

I just got back from running my errands, WHEW! I HATE going to the grocery store. I don't know if it was because I was raised in a grocery store or what but I hate it. As the saying goes, "I'd rather take a lickin'." And there was a lot of road construction between here and there so I had to wait in a long line for the pilot truck to bring a string of cars through and pick up my string. All in all it wasn't that bad but I just wanted to get it over with and get home to my paradise.

I didn't walk this morning either. It was snowing!!!!! And I knew I needed to run the errands so I will get back with it tomorrow morning come rain, snow, sleet or dark of night... I really do miss it. Wow, is that me talking there? Me, missing exercise? No, it couldn't be, could it?

I had a pretty good day yesterday, food wise. Just went over by a couple of points because I didn't have a salad to tide me over. (is it tide or tied?) Cara and I were talking about cheese the other night and I told her how I've cut way, way back on my cheese because of the calories and I just don't like the FF stuff as well. That's all I had in the house. She sent me copy of a newsletter she received about the advantages to cheese and other dairy products. It says that dairy is needed to help you lose weight. After reading it I added cheese to my grocery list. Got some yummy cheese from the deli and had them cut it really thin. Gonna work it into my daily routine one way or another, although I would rather just eat it by itself. May do that in the mornings as my protein snack before walking. Oh, and vidalia onions are in, in my area! I just love vidalia's. One of my favorite sandwiches is onion and cheese, with the onion cut paper thin. Hey, now I know what I'll have for lunch tomorrow!

I don't know what it is about running errands but I never remember to eat anything before leaving the house (I'm just not hungry then) and by the time I'm in "town" I'm starving. So that is usually my treat for myself. Got one hot dog today and now I feel bad. Have you ever had a West Virginia hot dog? They are way different from hot dogs anywhere else that I've been. They come with the regular wiener and bun but on top you put chili (without beans) and slaw. Oh, wow, are they good. I like mine with mustard and onions on it too. Some of you out there may be saying YUK, but you gotta try one just once in your life.

Hope no one out there was in the path of the tornadoes that hit yesterday. I have family that live in that area and was on the phone to them last night to make sure they were unharmed, and they were. While talking to my niece who lives in the VA Beach area I realized that she may be interested in my blog. She is always working on losing a little weight but she's never really heavy and she runs 5 miles often. No one else in my family would be interested in "this here thang" but her and Cara. So I gave her the URL. If you are visiting, hello out there Jen.


->cara said...

I can attest to the WV hot dogs. I've tried hot dogs in about 10 other states, and none of them compare. There's something about the hot dog, too. It's small and flexible and not heavy or tough. The chili has to have meet in it that's finely ground so it's more of a bumpy paste texture and the cole slaw has to be minced and not runny either. I miss WV hot dogs.

Donna said...

Hey Deborah, I was distant for a few days, but I was still reading your blogs. It's awesome to hear you miss exercising! So I'm watching you, lady! You better walk tomorrow, hahaha


Cammy said...

I'm a cheeser, too! :)

I don't mean to start a ruckus on your blog, but you're doing the hot dog thing all wrong. First you have to broil or grill the dog and toast the bun. At the last minute, put a couple of strips of good cheddar cheese on the bun and let them melt. Add the dog, then some slaw, and finally, some freshly ground black pepper. NO onions or chili. That's just...uncivilized.

So sorry you couldn't walk today. The good news is that the ground will still be there tomorrow as will (hopefully) your feet!

Have a happy tomorrow!