Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sleepy Eyed Lady

Well, yesterday didn't go any better than the day before but I still stuck within my limits. Today doesn't look like it is going to be any better but I'll do it. I made a mistake of eating too much roughage yesterday and I am paying for it today only in the opposite direction than you probably think. I'm bloated and not making any progress if you know what I mean. I discovered a new blog site that gave me some insight into that matter. She also has great tips on "going green" in today's post and some really helpful ones in her others. Check out Cammy!

I've discovered that since I started on this diet when I start to get hungry, before I can fix a meal I'm starving. Wonder if this happens to anyone else out there? Since I've retired and live alone I haven't been following any kind of a schedule for my meals. I think I'm going to have to start doing that so that I won't be starving before my evening meal is complete, when I usually cook something interesting or at least healthy and it takes longer than just a couple of minutes to get something ready to eat.

My old habits of staying up late ('til around 2:00 AM) and getting up around 10:00 AM aren't working since my vacation. I'm still staying up that late but am wide awake around 8:00 AM and I don't think that is enough sleep. Then in the afternoons I'm so sleepy and tired that I've been giving in to the afternoon naps. Well, I thwarted that yesterday and didn't succumb and I still wasn't sleepy until around 2:00 AM. And...I was wide awake at 8:00 this morning! ARGH!! I've heard that you need 8 hours for healthy weight loss and I'm going to research it to find out. Will let you know my findings.

Hey did you see Cara's blog yesterday? She talked about stepping on those scales more than once a week just like me and I didn't read hers before typing mine. Guess there's something to that "Like mother, like daughter" stuff. Cara also posted my muffin recipe with a twist. Check it out.

If I don't lose more than a half a pound or heaven forbid nothing tomorrow in my weigh-in I'm going to scream. I have been soooooo gooooood this week. I've planned ahead and everything.

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->cara said...

About the getting hungry thing, I know it's not too good on your body to get hungry or especially to get "starving". Whenever I get hungry, I'll either eat a teaspoon of reduced fat peanut butter or something high in fiber and protein and I'll have a big glass of water. The fat that's in peanut butter is a healthy fat even though WW doesn't see it that way - that's how I can justify going over my points if I need to to get me through the day. Hunger will actually make you retain weight. They say the best way to lose weight is to eat little tiny meals all throughout the day. Even to be munching on healthy things (fruits, veggies, ,whole grains, etc.) all day long would be better.