Monday, May 25, 2009

My Sunday...

Company just hit the road for home. So sad to see them go and so great to have the house to myself.

They brought their new puppy (6 month old lab) with them and my dogs were none too happy about it. They were really grumpy and fussy. So much so that we had to separate them a few times. When they come to visit I give up my bed for them and I take the couch. I was awakened every morning by a really thorough face washing by a LARGE tongue. I knew it was time to get up and let her out to potty. She is a very well behaved and sweet dog and I wish I could have enjoyed her more but mine wouldn't let me.

We had some neighbors (mutual friends) over for dinner last night. Burgers on the grill. They always bring beef with them from the half cow they purchase every year. I was watching him make the burgers to put on the grill and was aghast at all the fat in them. I was leery about eating that but didn't want to hurt his feelings so I ate only about half of mine without a bun or bread and I fixed a few veggies to go along with them. The neighbor brought a cake (oh, drats).

While we were setting there eating and talking about things in the county that are fun to see I remembered a railroad tunnel that the neighbors had told me about several times and that is really hard to find and I've never been there. So in between dinner and cake we all hopped in the car and took off to see it. And I left my camera home, drats! So the pics are from the web. This is a really neat place and really off the beaten path so the only people that see it from out of the area are probably those that hike or bike the Greenbrier River Trail.
The tunnel is 511 feet long and really dark. We started walking and just as the light behind us started to fade we could see a bend in the tunnel up ahead and a little light. It was really enjoyable. Just outside the tunnel is a bridge that used to be a railroad bridge and has been converted into a walking or biking bridge.

While on the trip there, I was riding in the backseat and talking to the two ladies. I started getting car sick so had to face front. I keep forgetting about that little problem of mine and keep hoping I'll out grow it but I don't seem to be able to do that. Just as were were entering the town on our way I had to hit a restroom in the worst way. It wasn't the car sickness but the fat in those burgers that hit me all of a sudden at the other end. I know TMI. But I really won't be eating that much fat again. And to think that was such a part of my previous life. "I've come a long way baby."

When we got home I had a very small piece of the cake and smothered it in fresh strawberries from my companies garden.

Hope the weather holds out today so that I can get out there and walk some. I may even start up the weed eater and head down my driveway hitting the sides and middle to get it to looking like someone lives here :o) I was really surprised that I enjoyed the weed eating the other day so I won't be dreading it so much any more.

Hope your Memorial Day is a grand one and the weather is cooperating for the picnics many of you are going to.


Shelley said...

That tunnel is cool - what a fun adventure that you all just hopped in the car and found it!

Oh, and I can't eat like that anymore either. Absolutely not worth the suffering!

Hanlie said...

Wow, that tunnel is amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics!

jinxxxygirl said...

That tunnel looks so cool! I'm back from vacation....incase you've missed me LOL! I'll be making a post soon. Didn't try to behave myself at all on trip but did run and exercise too. Won't hop on scale except for an end of month weigh in. Cross your fingers. Jinx!

Cammy said...

I'm a car-sick kind of person, too! (I know, now's a fine time to tell you after you chauffered me all over Creation.*G*)
I'd like to see that tunnel sometime.

MaryFran said...

The tunnel is really cool looking..and the path looks awesome also! My husband and I may have to make a day trip to that area!

TOo funny about the fat...not because you got sick but we had my parents over. I provided the buns and said bring your own meat. I had turkey burgers for my husband and I. My mom brought hamburger for them. As I was grilling, I was just shocked at all the fat that was causing the flames to shoot upward. I forgot about all the fat!

VRaz60 said...

Gorgeous!! What a lovely walk you had. The tunnel is really interesting. I'd love to have scenery close by like that. I have to drive a few miles to get to lovely walking areas like you have right in the neighborhood. Lucky you.

I understand completely about the burgers, but I did used to love the greasy, cheesy burgers we'd do on the grill. Wonderful flavor from the fat, but now the aftermath is too much to endure. :)

Patty said...

I love how you descibed the tunnel and being able to see the light on the otherside right as it faded from your entrance.

I dread cutting grass and weedeating so much, it feel like some kind of punishment! But when I get started and look at how nice the yard looks, it makes me so glad I did it. But I still dread it. :-)

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