Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's cold out!! No wonder I slept so well last night. I have a hard time sleeping when I'm hot.

I moved my bed out away from the window yesterday. Why, you ask? Well, here goes another bat story. Get ready. You're all going to say EEEEWWWWW.
This pic gives you an idea of what I'm talking about when I say that I have high ceilings. See the apex way up there? That's where the bat comes in. Either there or through the one in my bedroom and I'm bettin' it's the one in my bedroom because...

I was lyin' in bed, night before last, just sleepin' away and all of a sudden felt myself being pelted with little thingys. I jumped up and turned on the light and found bat droppings all over the top of my bed. These were dried up ones and they look a lot like mouse droppings except they're a little bigger. (Now comes the EEEWWWWWW's) So I surmised that a bat had just entered the cabin and dislodged some of the droppings he'd left while hiding out up there in the daylight. I ran downstairs and grabbed my rainbow sweeper with all the long attachments, I paid extra for, and proceeded to climb on the bed and sweep up as many droppings as I could from the crack in the apex, and of course from my bed.

So now my bed is in the middle of the floor and I'm thinkin' about changing things around up there and making it catty cornered, but don't know if it will work or not. I really can't sleep under that apex anymore until I can find someone that can climb up there and seal things off. I've tried to get someone to do that but can't find anyone that is willing to climb that high on a ladder and do it for me. And believe you me, I'm not getting on a ladder that high up. It's about 35 feet off the ground on the outside and I'm too old for that sh&%.

Was going to mow the grass again today but it's still too wet. Looks like I'll have a good opportunity to do it any day this week as there's no rain predicted.

Have a great Sunday!!


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Oh sweetie, I feel for you. I hate bats. Our church has a very high steeple that swoops up into the nether regions. We saw evidence of nocturnal visitors last night after Mass. Hope you get someone to help you!


Sugar Bush Primitives said...

PS - Love your house!!! Well, except for the bat thing.

Shelley said...

Ewwww Ewwww Ewwww!!! I am getting sympathy heebie jeebies just reading about the droppings!!! Is there a handyman service you can call to get out there pronto and seal everything up?

Oh, and LOVE your quilt and shams!

big_mummy said...

your right i am totally ewwwwing!!! seriously nobody deserves to be pelted with crap while they sleep-ewwwww

grammy said...

Not good. not good at all. I just mentioned yesterday in my comment about the bat droppings so I had a pretty good idea why you said eeewwww. I guess maybe builders would have ladders that tall. Maybe contact one. So sorry deary.

JC said...

Who built that house?!?!?! Give them a call and tell them to bring their latter. HA! EEEWWWW!! I woke up once to my neighbor's overflowing sink dripping on my bed through the ceiling light fixure. Waking up two crap even dried beat my story hands down.

Congrats on the loss. You rock.

Cammy said...

"It's about 35 feet off the ground on the outside and I'm too old for that sh&%."

But not too old for bat sh&%, apparently. :) (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

You are made of such stronger stock than me. Maybe you should start Deborah's Mountain Boot Camp to toughen up the rest of us. (I'd appreciate it if my tuition was free, since I had the idea.)

MaryFran said...

Yeah, your story is definitely an 'eeewww' story! But better to know than not know! I'd have my bed in the middle of the room also!

By the the pictures of your house!

Last but not least I FINALLY got to try your taco soup recipe. (my husband has been skeptical so I hadn't tried it). BUT, we BOTH loved it!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

jh said...

Although I do think that bats are good luck, they are scary in the house! Beautiful house though, you must have tons of great light!

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