Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy, Happy...

Wishing all Mothers out there and Happy Day!!

And for you non-Mothers, you need to have a Happy Day too!!

Award time!!

Thanks VRaz60 for the award. Now I feel really special.

And I'm passing it on to 5 more super bloggers:

Cammy of The Tippy Toe Diet: You've helped me so much along the way. You have been my true inspiration. Thanks.

Maryfran of A New Start Losing Weight: You have given me insight into eating healthy while still cooking the things I love. Thanks.

Grammy of The Kintz Family News: You are always a delight to read. I enjoy your little stories and the wonderful pictures you post. Thanks.

JC of This and That With JC: You are a wonderful person to get to know. Your faith has boosted me more than you will know. Thanks.

Donna of Losing the Fluff: You have shown me that even if we stumble we can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and get right back on the wagon with fervor. Thanks.

I hate this...only 5? There are so many more that I want to mention...I gotta make it 6.

Cara of Cara's Weight Loss Journal: I wouldn't be your healthier Mom if it weren't for your inspiration. And you are the one that introduced me to blogland and all my blog-buds. Thanks.

Ok, I still don't like to be limited so consider every one else that I visit regularly on this list too...You have all helped me so much.

Just right click on the award, save it and post it on your blog somewhere and pass it along to other deserving bloggers.

Have a great Sunday!!


JC said...

As Elvis would say, Thank you, thank you very much. I have the award posted. However, a couple of my links aren't working but I know I entered them correctly. I wonder what is up with that. Have a great evening and thanks for being my blog buddy.

Cammy said...

Well, you were special even before the award, but congratulations all the same. :)

And thank you so much for passing it along to me. I appreciate your friendship so very much! ::pause for misty moment::

(I'm working on a post to acknowledge this award and a few others, but it will probably be later this week before I finish it. I *do* appreciate it, so please don't think I'm not honoring it.)

Donna said...

Awww, thanks so much Deborah! I never thought I would get an award because I'm such an intermittent poster, but apparently you see the best in people. =)

I am happy to know that I can inspire you to keep starting again.

grammy said...

That was very sweet to be thought of by you. Thanks for the award. I always love to hear from you and to visit you (o: