Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Better Eating and Phone Problems...

Thanks for all the well wishes and suggestions in your comments yesterday about my binge. It sure does help to get it all out here and especially to know there are those out there that understand.

I think it's hormonal. Not sure so I'm keeping a diary for a week documenting my cravings, sleep habits, times that I eat and what I eat to see if there is a pattern. I may keep that up for a month and see if it is hormonal or not.

I am more bored than usual on the weekends. Since I'm retired I don't have a set schedule during the week that is much different from the weekend. But my girls are busy with their families and I don't get to talk to them much then. Weekends have always been especially hard for me. Usually when I get really bored I can turn on the TV and watch a movie or some old reruns of NCIS or JAG or something I've saved on my DVR from the nightly programming and the boredom goes away. But on the weekends there isn't much on to watch unless I have some stuff taped. My hobbies are crocheting, reading and drawing but unfortunately they don't keep my mind off food.

Yesterday was a whole lot better eating wise and so far today it's been great.

Been having phone problems today. It's been cutting off while online or talking and when I try to redial I don't have a dial tone. Then after a few minutes it works again. This went on for several hours this morning. The repair man just left and of course he couldn't find anything wrong. But at least he did give me his card with his local number and cell number so I can call him directly if it happens again instead of having to go through the 800 number and waiting for a scheduled appointment. He said that if it happened again he'd try to get right over to catch it while it was occurring. Guess it's like when something happens with your car intermittently. If it's not happening when you take the car in they can't find the problem.

Had planned on going to the grocery store but had to wait for the repair man and now I'm just out of the mood. Will have to go tomorrow for sure because I'm almost out of TP and that's just one thing you can't run out of. For some reason my list is twice as long as it usually is so I'm not looking forward to the trip. I HATE grocery shopping.

My daughter and son-in-law have created a new website.

It's really cool. Go check it out!!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday.


JC said...

Sorry you had a rough weekend, glad your journaling this week that will help. You are a reminder to me that dealing with my weight will never be over. Even when I get the weight off; I still have to figure out how to live in a way that it stays off. I'm proud of you for realizing you have to take charge. Gotta go check out the new site.

grammy said...

Nice site (o: Sorry about the phone problems...it is important to have it working out in the boonies. Do you go for walks? I tried to walk by a lake today (on my way to shop) I got out with coat and walking stick and didn't get to far before I decided I just couldn't take the wind!! Cold wind. So I just got back in the car and went shopping (o:

VRaz60 said...

Weekends are just plain difficult no matter what. There is just too much "down time" even when I think we're busy. I, too, fill that void thinking about cooking and eating. I know what you're saying. But you've got a handle on it and are doing something about it. I'm trying to do the same. You're very encouraging.

Fatinah said...

journalling will really help you find a pattern....I find weekends hard also - but because my family IS around!

jinxxxygirl said...

My days off are sporatic. I get two a week but not necessarily the weekend and they are tough. I think it just throws us off our routine.Like sleeping in and eating breakfast late and then not hungry by lunch but then starving by supper. UUUuugh! Then i ususally exercise right after work well a day off throws that off. So i try to exercise early so i don't find excuses later. Sometimes i'll find my whole two days have gone by and i didn't exercise. Not good.
I think you have the right idea to nip it in the bud. What ever makes you more aware of what you are doing. No phone would be delicous! If it wasn't for those pesky little emergencies popping up!LOL! Jinx!

Donna B said...

Weekends tend to be harder for me as well, just too much time for temptations, including the samples at the grocery store! Hope you have a better week!

Cammy said...

Good for YOU for getting yourself back on track!

Have you ever used Netflix? If you watch movies or tv shows over the weekend, you can return them and have a new set in time for the following weekend. They also have documentaries and even--get ready for it--exercise DVDs. :)

Hope your week continues its upward trend!

Tena said...

Oh, Netflix is a good idea! Maybe when the weather gets better things will change for you. The weekends are hard for me, too.

Once we had phone problems like what you are describing and it turned out to be a squirrel was chewing on the wires outside. Poor thing, got his paws burned and we took him to a rehab for care. Those critters can be destructive!