Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Evolution Continues...

Good grief, yesterday was a hectic day.

I didn't find out until I stopped at my mail box that yesterday was my Orkin appointment. They just say they will be here the second Wednesday of every other month and being the "oldtimer" that I am, I just can't seem to remember that. I've been relying on the bill they send in the mail to give me fair warning. It's going on my calendar after I'm through here so I won't forget again. And to beat it all I never can remember what time of day they are coming.

I dropped the dogs off and headed to Wal-Mart (an hours drive). Called Orkin as soon as I got within cell service and found out that the last two times they came between 3:30 and 5:00. Whew. That gave me enough time to do what I needed to do and get the dogs picked up and home before they arrived. Got home in time to unload the car and put away the cold stuff, run the sweeper and get started on the dishes in the sink and here he came.

He is such a nice young man. I told him that I had tried to time it to where we would both arrive at the same time so he could help me unload the car and he said he would have been glad to do that for me. He even fixed an elderly lady's bathroom sink last week for her during one of his scheduled appointments.

Now on to the "evolution." I was so stressed and getting really hungry that I stopped at Wendey's and got a single and fries with water. I figured since I'd been really good that it wouldn't hurt to do that once in a while. I could only eat 1/3 of the burger and fries and I was full AND disgusted with myself for not making a better choice. I think the main reason I was full so soon was that it just didn't taste as good as I remember it tasting. When oh when will one of my favorites taste good like it used too? Guess my palate has changed along with my body. I'm really wanting to try a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme but there is none anywhere near me. I think Tex/Mex is my favorite food and I just can't find the stuff here to make my favs or I'd make it myself.

Okay, back to the hectic day... When the Orkin guy left I was exhausted and tried like everything to stick it out until bedtime. I couldn't and crashed on the couch at 6:00 and woke up around 7:30. And I was sore all over! My back hurt, my thighs hurt, my calves hurt and the bottoms of my feet hurt! I hobbled around the kitchen to fix myself a salad and sandwich and sat down to eat thinking that I'd probably be up all night after the nap. Boy, was I wrong! At 10:30 I couldn't keep my eyes opened long enough to read more than a couple of pages of the novel I keep by the bed. Guess that was too much of a day for an old person. I sure miss all the energy youth has to offer. And now I realize why my Mother couldn't keep up with me as she got older.

Lesson leaned. From now on I'm not planning a full day like that one. When the dogs need grooming that's the only thing I'm putting on my plate for that day and a trip to Wal-Mart will be the only thing I'll plan for that day.

It's really hard for me to leave the dogs at the groomers because it really stresses them out and they are as exhausted in the evenings as I was yesterday. I don't think they mind the grooming and all but the groomers helper has two little Chihuahua's that yap at their heals the whole time they are there and they are just not used to being around other dogs. So when I put them in the car to take them I never tell them where we are going :o) But I'm sure by now they know because that's the only place I ever take them. My little boy hates riding in the car but the girl loves it. So to keep from stressing him out I just don't take them for rides. Just in case you wonder why I don't just take her, it's because they act like they are joined at the hip and I don't want to make either of them sad because the other one is not around. I guess I should start separating them some to get them used to being without the other for when I loose one of them.

Happy Thursday, blog-buds!!


VRaz60 said...

I just wandered over here from another site. I,too have those "senior moments" and find that they are coming way too frequently now. Glad I found your blog, I'll try to keep up with you.

grammy said...

You are not old...well you certainly don't look old (o:
Super Walmart always makes me so tired. Not sure why. Talk about feeling bad about wrong choices. I bought some yummy nutty whole wheat 'special bread'. Hubby wont even look at it (o: Yesterday I let myself get to hungry (danger danger) Before supper I had 4 FOUR slices toasted with butter and jelly. At least it was sugar free that helps much. OK. Just to be honest, I am not sure it was 4. Maybe 6. I thought about throwing the bread out in the back yard for the squirrels....could not bring my self to do it. One sweet day care mom brought me CUPCAKES for my Birthday today. Help me Ronda. (o: Have no idea why that song came to my head...because I am old.

Shelley said...

Ack! Don't make me think about you losing a pet!

It's fine to not kill yourself by getting everything done in one day - even though I would probably do the same thing, lol.

JC said...

I do understand the logic in breaking up the day but I would be sad knowing the dogs are sad at the groomers. I would need WM retail therapy to get me through the day. HA!!!! I love the way you write about your old favorites losing their appeal. Tooo Coool!

Cammy said...

Tex-Mex is my fave food group, too. What products do you need that you can't find up there?

Not too bad at all on the Wendy's splurge. I'm just sorry you didn't enjoy it. (I fell out of love with Wendy's locally a few years ago, but I have to warn you that there's a franchise just south of Chicago that's dangerously delicious.)

Hope you're all rested up from your excursions and looking forward to a great weekend!

Oct said...

What a big day! I need a nap just reading about all that activity. :)