Monday, March 2, 2009

Fright Night...

I had a scare last night. I was setting here watching some inane TV show at around 9:30 and heard a vehicle coming up my driveway. Flying low!! Horn honking!! My doggies were outside and I am so grateful they stayed on the porch. They usually head for the driveway to greet whomever comes up my driveway. If they would have done their usual behavior I would have had two squished dogs.

The truck just whizzed by my front door (I have a circular driveway) and kept on going. I got to the door in time to see it leaving and knew who it was. It was the same idiot that did this same thing about a month ago at 2:00 AM. I stayed on my porch and watched to see where he would go next and he went to a neighbors house (his girlfriend). She is out of town but he has a key and went on in. I waited a little while and called down there. He wouldn't answer the phone, so I called the friend, out of town. I asked her to ask him to quit doing this. While I was talking to her he called me back and was drunk as a skunk. He swore that he didn't honk the horn that it was the heater in the truck making noises. Like I don't know the difference between a horn and a heater. I tried to get it through his drunken stupor that the horn wasn't the point. I tried to get it through his head that I didn't want him driving up here again, period. I even told him that I had my gun in my hand by the time I'd gotten to the door and he was lucky that he didn't get shot. Which was a lie. I'd forgotten to pick up the shotgun, again. But he didn't know that. And maybe that will keep him from doing it again.

I've got a "no trespassing" sign posted at the beginning of my driveway but it is weathered and not as visible as it should be. When I go to town this week I'm getting a new one. And the next time this idiot does this I'm calling the police on him.

I live about 200 feet off the road and no one has any right driving through my driveway unless they are coming for a visit.

It took me about 2 hours last night to quit shaking and as I'm typing this I'm shaking again.

My eating has been alright. Not great and not bad. My weight is fluctuating up and down within a 3 pound range. And I'd say that's good for maintenance. But boy am I ever craving the good stuff, like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried liver and onions, fettuccine Alfredo, and spaghetti with lots of garlic bread. Think I'm going to have to fix myself some in a small amount or it will get the best of me and I'll binge. But I'll be careful and not fix it all in the same week. Maybe I can have one of these meals once a week and do alright. Those of you on maintenance, do you think that will be harmful?


Natalia said...

That guy sounds like a real jerk! Good for you for calling him on it.

Oct said...

Aww honey. Now I worry about you too. There are jerks in the world all over. Good for you for standing up to him. Be safe!

Regarding your diet question ... maybe just have a little or try to find something similar that will ease your cravings without throwing you off your chosen plan. Don't let that jerk cause you to hurt your way of eating. He isn't worth that.


grammy said...

Crazy Guy. well, that is closer to the truth than we want to know. How about a gate at the end of the drive??? How about a nail strip. OK, not nice. renew your sign....but he won't be able to read it in his condition, but I guess it is better for the legal aspect of it. If you eat a special meal once in awhile, you should be OK...but you have to stay active to beat it. I am really fighting the 'I deserve a break today' mind set. Problem is I want to many breaks...and I have not been walking like I should.

Super Squared said...

That's insane, no wonder you were so upset. I would have called the cops lol.

As for a meal, have you thought about making lighter versions of your favorites? Using wheat spaghetti instead of regular or maybe using a mixture?

How about roasting garlic and spreading that on bread instead of loading it up with butter? Same taste (well almost) but so much better for you.

Even if you go with the higher fat really naughty versions, I would imagine you can do anything in moderation. I think you are right though, its far better to allow yourself a "controlled" splurge than to wait and pig out.

Cammy said...

Dumbo probably can't read. :(

As far as eating splurge-y do you think you'd do having one splurge meal a week? My original trainer told me to do that, but I personally didn't feel comfortable with having one that frequently. (Still don't, to tell you the truth.) Every 3-4 weeks seems to be working okay for me, with quite a few little "treats" sprinkled in.

But this isn't about me, it's about you. You could give a weekly splurge a try, and see how comfortable you are with the results. If it helps you "toe the line" more easily the rest of the time, you might be better off trying it.

SeaShore said...

I would have been furious! Thank God your dogs were on the porch.

You've given him fair warning. Next time, call the cops. He's driving drunk as well as trespassing.

jinxxxygirl said...

THAT was scary! Glad your alright and i would call the cops next time!
How about going out to a restarurant and having one of those meals. Its very hard to cook just for one and its gonna leave you left overs you don't need. Invite a friend along and split an entre that way you don't take any left overs home. Jinx!

MaryFran said...

Girl, I'm sooo glad that you and the pups are safe from the jerk! I'm sorry that you had such a scare though!

I'm not on maintanence, but my view is that if you are really craving something, then either find a substitute that works or eat a small amount. Otherwise, you will give in and binge on everything else under the sun and STILL be have the craving when the binge is over!

Donna said...

WOWSERS! What a jerk, keep that door locked and gun loaded. =(