Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just a Day in the Life of Me...

Boy did I ever get a good laugh this morning reading your comments on yesterdays post. Now I know who my true friends are, YOU.

She is a cantankerous old lady (one year younger than me :o). She usually says what she thinks and especially with me. After I posted yesterday I decided to go look in the mirror to see what she was talking about. The only thing I can figure is that she is jealous that I've lost so much weight or it is my shaggy hair. I haven't had a hair cut in a while because I'm trying to let it grow and it really needs shaping. Either way I don't pay much attention to her. She is also the county gossip and story teller. When she's telling me a story about someone in the county her husband is behind her shaking his head no. I think she truly believes what she says because there is usually a little bit of truth in it. She just embellishes it a whole lot. A couple of examples are: The UFO lights that several have seen including her, on the next mountain over from us or the mountain lion she's seen and heard accounts of on our mountain or the ghosts she sees regularly. I just take her with a grain of salt. She's even seen ghost Bob Cats!

On a happier note, I forgot to mention something nice that happened at the post office yesterday. When I walked in the post office I could hear my letter carrier talking in the back. First of all you have to picture my post office. It's very small as post offices go. I would guess that the whole building is no more than 30 feet square if that. The person working the counter came up to the front and was helping me take care of my business when my letter carrier sticks her head around the corner of the sorting shelves and is amazed. She screeched, "OMGoodness, I didn't know who you were until you began to talk." She proceeded to tell me how great I looked and asked how much I'd lost. That's another reason that what the neighbor/friend said later in the day didn't upset me much.

I was so sleepy yesterday evening at around 8:00 that I just couldn't keep my eyes opened any longer so I just went to bed. Boy I'm taking a nap today if I get tired because that was a horrible nights sleep. I was wide awake at 10:00, forced myself to go back to sleep and it happened about every 2 hours like that all night long. When I get sleepy early in the evenings like that I usually push myself past that wall somehow but I just didn't feel like it yesterday. Never again, I'll tell you.

Before I closed my eyes last night I did manage to read the first chapter of the book and I think it is really going to be a good one. Oh, I didn't tell you, but I bought mine from Charlie, not Amazon, and he personally signed it for me!

One nice thing about going to bed early yesterday was that the munchies didn't hit me and my eating was really, really good.

Hope your Sunday is WONDERFUL!


Natalia said...

I've known people like your neighbor. I know what you mean about taking them with a grain of salt. People can be funny. You're right she probably is jealous of how much weight you've lost.

Sadekat said...

We had one of those town gossips in my small hometown. Our post office was so small too, the boxes were labeled a-z and that was it! There was only 1 letter carrier and 1 post office clerk.
As for the neighbor lady, she's probably so jealous she can't stand it, and I bet if you wait she will make up some crazy story about how you lost the weight. Might be interesting to see what she spreads around!

HopeFool said...

how, how, how could you forget the good comment and remember what the old biddy said?!?!
*shakes head in disbelief*

Have a great Sunday!

grammy said...

The post office comment is much better!!! I hate it when I have sleep....less nights like that. You were talking about your negative neighbor, and I had just read a post at confessions of a pioneer woman about her GaGa. She is the sweetest, positive woman (according to Ree) Always saying good things about people. I want to be that way when I grow up!!! I want to say sweet positive things about people and life. You are sweet, you are good (hey you shared a great bear sitting at the picnic table picture with me) you are working hard at being Healthy!!! Good for you.

Cammy said...

Great post office story! I'll bet you were walking on air afterward!

I had something similar happen yesterday with someone I hadn't seen in 15 years. She didn't know who I was until I smiled. :)

Hope you get the sleep straightened out!

jinxxxygirl said...

Wow! You must have been walking on a cloud! I know i do when people comment like that. Its good to every so often run into people you haven't seen for a while. Talk about renewing the motivation!
Infact i try not to show just how much it means to me cause its probably too much. LOL! I just want to give them a big ole' hug and say 'thankyouthankyouthankyou'

David Showers said...

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for commenting on my blog.

I hope all is well with you.

Donna B said...

Your neighbor "friend?" sonds like a piece of work, but I have had the same comments as well, wondering when I am going to "stop" losing weight. If you notice, most of those comments come from heavy people! No thin person has ever said that to me. Keep your head high and be proud of your accomplishments!