Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Know it's not Mothers Day But...

Give your Mom a hug. If she's not close enough to hug, give her a call. I'm having a really hard time right now missing my girls. One I haven't seen since August and the other since Thanksgiving. It was so much easier on me when Larry was alive. I had him to keep me company and distracted from missing them so much. But now, alone, I need them more than ever. What got me into this mood is the fact that the one that lives closest to me was coming next week for about a five day visit. Now it looks like that may not happen. I may be getting ahead of myself in getting depressed so soon when they may still come heart is aching. This horrible economy is what is causing them to maybe not come. I even offered to pay for their gas but the fiance may have a chance to work with a friend during his vacation to make some extra money and I really can't blame him for jumping on that opportunity. Still...

Yesterday's eating wasn't so good. I stuck with the proper foods but ate a little too much of it. That happens from time to time and I know things will be better today. Mainly because I feel that whatever I put in my mouth right now may come back up because of my mental state.

Does anyone out there know if pasta freezes well?

I was so disappointed yesterday with a pot of Chili I made to freeze. The grocery store was out of the regular brand of diced tomatoes that I usually buy so I bought another brand. Big mistake!! I didn't know it until after the pot was finished and I was having a cup of it that the other brand of tomatoes I purchased was sweetened (and the label didn't say this). I know lots of people prefer their chili and spaghetti sweet but I'm not one of them. The only thing I could think to do was add vinegar and unfortunately I didn't add enough before I divided out and froze the portions. So now when I take my one cup containers out of the freezer I'll have to add a dollop more vinegar to get rid of the sweet taste.

Can you tell this isn't a good week for me? Hope yours is better.

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Donna said...


Why can't your daughter visit without her fiancé? Do they only have one car? Even if you're a little lonely on your mountain, just remember you have lots of friends, young and old, who enjoy your company, even if it's only in the virtual world. =)

HopeFool said...

Huge bummer on the chili.

I have frozen pasta and it works well as long as it's not overcooked at all.

My kids are 9 & 7, but I miss them when they are at school. I try not to think about how it will be when they grow up and move away.

I'm sure you've thought of this, but is there any way you could road trip to see her? Maybe meet her halfway?

Oct said...

You aren't my mom, but here's a hug from me anyway *hug*. I may not get to visit my mom on her birthday next month for similar reasons. Money is too tight to turn away my work during a busy month (have to protect my value).

Tena said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue. I hope they can come soon. Maybe your daughter could come for a day or two?

I never knew you could add vinegar to take away the sweet! Thanks for the tip.

Maybe when you get your new service you can visit by video camera on the web. Not quite the same as a hug but it's fun just the same.

grammy said...

Wish I knew what to say to cheer you up. Maybe it will still work out. That is a crazy Chili problem. I am not that crazy about chili. I did have white chili at a friends and liked it. Need to get that recipe. Well, this was suppose to cheer you up, but I am not sure what to say, except, consider yourself hugged.

MaryFran said...

Wish i was there to give you a big hug!

Sorry to hear about your week thus far!

Could you go to visit your daughter???????

Cammy said...

Awww, so sorry the visit is in jeopardy! I'll keep my fingers crossed that y'all are able to work out something.