Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Groceries and Gas...

I decided to play hooky for the past couple of days. Just didn't have anything to write about. And not much in the mood to surf the net either. So I'll be catching up on your lives here in a little while.

I finally went into town and did some grocery shopping. Whew, I was out of a lot of stuff and the grocery bill was rather high. But the good news... My local grocery store and a local gas station have teamed up (both are West Virginia chains). Now you present your "Fuel Card" at the beginning of your checkout for groceries and at the end you get money put on your fuel card for a discount on fuel. Woohoo! I chalked up 37 cents PER GALLON yesterday. The catch is that I have to use it by March 31st. No probem there. That is a wonderful way to help out the economy locally. Everyone needs groceries and then you get a break on fuel. Can't beat that with a stick.

Eating has been rather good the past few days but no exercise. Gotta get back into that phase of my life.

I had a really big dilemma, well not so big actually. I had scheduled the dogs grooming on the same day and time next week that I was supposed to be in Lewisburg for some tests. Well, this was a no brainer. I just changed the tests to April. I mean the dogs are way more important than a bunch of tests, right? Actually I changed the tests because I don't like the thought of driving over those mountains in the winter when there may be a snow storm before or during my trips. Would rather make all appointments down there in pretty weather. So my tests will be on April Fool's Day.

I just love the way I've rearranged my living room. So glad I did that. Now I've got to tackle my desk. I have a great "piling" system that I have to get a handle on. There's just no room for a file cabinet and I have a couple of those small file boxes under the desk but they are both full. Guess I'll have to go through them and cull out some stuff. I hate doing that. It hasn't been done since my husband died (he always did it) and invariably he threw something out that in a couple of months we needed. I loved that I could blame him for it but now I'll have to blame myself and I hate that.

Hope your week is going well and healthy.


MaryFran said...

First of all, I'm glad that you are ok...when I read your post from early last weekend and then nothing...I was a bit worried about you.

I just love any deal where I can get 'free' money. My grocery store does the discount off the gas every other month or so. I LOVE IT! :-)

grammy said...

Big excitement over your way. I am so spoiled. We live in a town that use to be small....so the main street is still somewhat the same...but tons of growth as far as the homes and people surrounding. Anyway, I can WALK to the store. If the roads are bad I can go walkabout...wear a backpack. I even walked to get my hair cut the other day.

biz319 said...

I am the worst piler too! Until I can't stand it anymore and then like every two months I spend up to five hours organizing everything.

It's always short lived though!

Natalia said...

wow, 37 cents a gallon that's great! :) Wish somebody here would do that. :)

Cammy said...

Wow, the most I ever got was $.10 off per gallon! Good score!

You're getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning? *Almost* makes me want to bite the bullet and get started. But not quite. :)

Oh, and rearranging the living room IS exercise.

Happy Wednesday, from a fellow piler-upper.