Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More White Stuff???

So far so good today on the phone service. I almost wish it would just quit all together so they could find out what the problem is but then I wouldn't be able to call them to tell them it isn't working. What a conundrum.

Good grief, I thought we were through with this stuff. It started snowing here yesterday late afternoon. We've got about an inch and they were predicting less than a tenth of an inch. It's funny how the entire community/county was talking about getting ready for the snow on Tuesday. They started talking about it last Wednesday. It amazes me how the people in this area are better at predicting the weather than the meteorologists.

I am sick to death of washing dishes. I guess I'm gonna have to just quit cooking. Wonder if I quit cooking then I could quit eating too? Probably not a good idea. It seems that every time I get all the dishes cleaned up I decide that I want to play "Suzie Homemaker" and start cooking again. Oh, well, it's just a vicious cycle, I guess.

Got the test results on my mammogram and bone density test and all is well. Guess I'm all set for another year. There's only one other test the doctor wants me to take and I have refused to do it. She wants me to have a colonoscopy. My problem is that the only place they will do it is approximately 60 miles away and I can't just go there in one day and have it done, nooooooo, the doctor there wants to see me first then set an appointment for the procedure. Then there's the problem of not having anyone to go with me and drive me home after the procedure. That's the biggest problem. So that one is not going to happen any time soon.

Have a happy day out there in blog-land.


Sparky said...


It is worth the drive. My step sister's dad just died from what started in his colon. He was 60 years old and had never gotten him checked out in that area :(

On another note they found polyps in my uncle when he had a test. a few years back. They were able to remove them before they became cancer. He got my dad and my other uncle to get checked and they too had the polyps and had them removed and escaped cancer.

Lucky me that means I start getting tested at age 40 instead of the normal age of 50. I am not looking forward to it but I will do it. Especially for my children. It would be terrible to die from something preventable.

I hope you can work out a way for someone to help you go.

Sorry for the nagging but I feel strongly about this after what my step sister just went through.


MaryFran said...

I'm very glad to hear that all is well with the annual test results that you had done. :-)

Good luck with the snow!!!! And bring on spring!

VRaz60 said...

Good to hear all is well with you and your health. I'm tired of snow and all that wintery mix stuff, too. Bring on the flowers, the green leaves and the fresh veggies. Then you can really get your "Susie Homemaker" hat on and go to town. :)

Shelley said...

Glad to hear that the mammo and bone density are good; now on to that other test...you have to go once so the doctor can tell you what to expect and also give you all the goodies you need to take before the procedure, and then back again, jiggity-jig, for the actual procedure.

My husband went through this recently - oh, and you definitely need someone to drive you home, as he was loopy from the anesthesia!

It all pretty much sucks, but it's part of being a grown-up (and that's what I tell myself when I have to go have a mammo and other unpleasant experiences).

I like you and want you to be around for a long time. So go and take care of yourself!

SeaShore said...

Glad to hear you got good results!

Cammy said...

Needless to say, I'm *thrilled* about the good doctor's report!!

Not so thrilled about the colonoscopy avoidance. Having lost one of my best friends to complications from colon cancer five years ago, I'm a big proponent of getting things checked out.

All that said, I do understand the problems it causes you to try to get in to the doctor. I was fortunate in that the place I went to allowed you to get the test without seeing the doctor first, provided you weren't going for a "diagnostic" vs. a "screening." Would it be worth your while to check it out with this doc, or to check out other possibilities in the area? Just a thought...without a lecture. :)

Hope you see warmer weather soon!

grammy said...

When we have big family get together that is what I say...all this work and dishes to wash for less than one hour of eating. Everyone is going to tell you that you need to schedule the big C...so I won't even say it.
Have a good Wednesday. I will have a house full of kidos (o:

JC said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news on your medical test. I understand completely about putting things off because you don't have anyone. You will definitely need someone for that. However, just as Sparky and Cammy have commented about the need to have it done. I have family members and friends who have had the test and are alive today because things were found and removed in early stages. Swallow your pride and ask a neighbor. I so wish I was close enough to take you.

I'm going through the same thing with my teeth but that is a story for another day.

We had snow here yesterday. When I got out of a meeting in Gadsden, I scurried back to my Campus which is futher south. It was gone in no time.

Rosemary said...

Hello from WV!!!

I am in Hurricane (midway between Charleston and Huntington) and when I typed in Diet blogs in my google you were on the first page! lol

We had a little snow here yesterday but it did not stick...

Glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

I'm new here (found you via a-forty-somethings weight loss). I also encourage you to not put off the colonoscopy any longer than you need to make the travel arrangements. I had my first one at 50 & they removed several polyps that were precancerous. Had my second one last year at 55 & all was clear. The worst part is the prep laxatives - & the gas afterwards from the air they use to expand the colon. The cool part (for me, anyway) is that you're not completely sedated (in & out of sleep) & they let me watch the video screen view during the test - I was just loopy enough that it was captivating to see. Oh, and you'll also probably have a follow-up visit with the doctor to be sure you didn't have any complications & to get the results - although in your case they might be able to do that through your local doctor.

Ellen in CA